We have been breeding Maine Coon cats for 10 years!


 e-mail address: yanikacoon@gmail.com

We are glad to welcome you on the pages of our maine coon cattery “Yanika Star” (registration of the cattery according to WCF system)

Maine Coon is the largest breed among all breeds of domestic cats. They are affectionate and delightfully beautiful cats!

Maine Coons are very friendly, get along with absolutely all animals, love children and simply adore people!

A formidable look and a kind soul of maine coons is a combination of a truly unique and perfect cats!

The goals of our cattery ” Yanika Star ” are healthy offspring that will meet the standards of this breed.

Our maine coon cats and maine coon kittens live with us, grow up in care and affection, receive high-quality nutrition, timely veterinary services, are periodically checked for genetic and viral diseases, are healthy, socially adapted.

Kittens from our cattery move to a new home not earlier than 12 weeks, fully vaccinated, with all the necessary documents.

We will be happy to help you in choosing a family member, friend and favorite!


Kittens leave our cattery:
– Not earlier than 3 months for Ukraine and 4 months for abroad
– Fully vaccinated against viral diseases
– Will have a metric or pedigree (depends on the purpose of acquiring a kitten)


The reserve amount for a kitten is not refundable. The breeder can return deposit to the buyer in case breeder changes his mind about selling the kitten. The deposit is refunded at the buyer’s expense. If the buyer does not send the rest of the money for kitten within three days after the breeder announced that the kitten is ready to move to a new house, the breeder puts the kitten back on sale and the deposit is not returned.


Starting from the age of 4 months, overexposure of a kitten in the cattery costs $ 100 for buyers from USA or Canada or 100 Euros for the buyers from Europe – per month. Not a full month of overexposure before the day the kitten leaves the cattery, the buyer pays as for a full month -100 $ or 100 Euros –  preferential price, the breeder takes part of the costs for the maintenance of the kitten.

If the buyer fully paid for the kitten and subsequently refused to pick up the kitten before booking tickets for the kitten on the plane, the breeder does not return the deposit amount and the amount for keeping the kitten ( 150 $ or 150 euros for each month) – from the moment the kitten is 4 months old.

If the cost of delivery increases for reasons beyond the control of the breeder, the buyer must pay up to the full cost of delivery and the cost of a larger boxing for transporting a cat on an airplane. Even if the delivery was previously included in the price of the animal and the buyer has already paid for it. Shipping is by cargo or auto ( only applies to Europe ) , by prior arrangement with the Buyer and Seller. Delivery is carried out to large cities of USA – to International airports, where there are direct flights from Kiev or Moscow. Buyer pays shipping and additional costs that are associated with it. Overexposure of the kitten is impossible if there is a delivery to the Buyer’s country. If in this case the Buyer does not want to book a seat on the flight for his kitten, then the Seller can terminate the contract with the Buyer and put the kitten on sale again. The deposit in this case is not refundable. Also, the buyer is obliged to pay in full for the kitten when the kitten turns 3 months old. If the Buyer violates the terms of full payment for the kitten, then the Seller terminates the contract and puts the kitten on sale again. The deposit is not refundable to the Buyer.

All situations related to force majeure are discussed individually.